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We're here for you and to help make your job easier by creating clean and fast web applications that streamline your business processes and maximise efficiency.

- Big Cat Systems

Trust us, we've got it covered

From custom system design to hosting and support we provide everything that is needed for a complete solution.

Hosting and security

All of our hosted solutions use the Microsoft Windows Server platform on Dell hardware in a secure ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited data centre with a gigabit uplink.

 All of our solutions are secured and come with SSL as standard


Our hardware is monitored 24-7 and we operate a 99% uptime service level


For all of our off-the-shelf products, we give free and *automatic updates to the latest version.

*Automatic updates will be out of hours. We will seek client approval on major updates.

Support and Training

Off-the-shelf products come with basic e-mail support as standard. Telephone support is available as a subscription service. Training on-site is also available.

 There is no design without discipline.
There is no discipline without intelligence.  

Massimo Vignelli


We specialise in corporate Intranets that slot into your environment with Active Directory and Exchange integration in a solution that also uses powerful Microsoft SQL Technologies.

We also offer a professional Intranet, which is hosted on a Microsoft Windows Server platform in a secure datacentre built on the same Microsoft SQL Technologies as our corporate intranet.


From record or customer management and invoicing systems to reporting solutions, we can create a bespoke module or even something from the ground up to fit your needs exactly rather than an off-the-shelf solution.

For all our products we provide hosting services on the Microsoft Windows Server platform and provide a basic level of e-mail support.


Our photography team produces stunning product images for commercial purposes.

If you already have a website design you like but would like to integrate some custom functionality or want to be able to manage content, we offer a 'Slice, Dice and CMS' service.

If you don't see something that fits your requirements we offer service that starts with specification all the way to design.


In addition to our basic product support, we also offer comprehensive e-mail and telephone support service and on-site training.

If you have purchased one of our custom system design services we issue full documentation and offer upto a 50% discount on onsite training.


All of our solutions use a 1Gb/s uplink and gigabit hardware.

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